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Aquascaping is an art of creating underwater landscapes inside an aquarium. The artist is creating the underwater world by arranging aquatic plants, as well as rocks, stones, cavework, or driftwood.

It is a rare art that require the artist to have both an artistic sense and imagination to set a vision of how it would look and also require a vast amount of knowledge because he needs to balance the underwater world he is creating as a closed system, taking into considerations the dependencies between all the elements : the fish, the aquatic plants, alegae, soil, water parameters and so much more.

This place is the home of aquascaping artists in all levels from around the worlds, that share their knowledge and experience by writing free step-by-step how to guides on AquaScaping Topics include Design styles, composition, focal point filtration, maintaining carbon dioxide at levels sufficient to support photosynthesis underwater, substrate and fertilization, lighting, and algae control.

You are invited to suggest topics that you wish to learn about and if you have the knowledge – please share it with other people passionate about this wonderful and challenging Art.

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