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Various MiniScaping arts & hobbies such as:
Aquascaping, Bonsai, Diorama, Model Scenery, Penjing, More


Our Story

we are a group of friends
who share a passion for various MiniScaping arts,
this hobby is an important part of our life for a long time
( some of us started 20 years ago ).
And we all faced the same challenge:
learning MiniScaping arts,
and especially becoming very good at it,
is slow and difficult!

We set out for a journey to solve it
By creating a platform for the unique needs of artists like us
Introducing a Revolutionary learning experience,
Based on real cases, Synergy and state-of-the-art technology

The 1st version of the MiniScaping.com platform is now available
For the use of everyone who shares our values and dreams


We invite you to join us today!

(Everything is Totally FREE!)

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