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Step 1 / 6

This is the area that the tree was collected from, planned to become a neighborhood :(
So the collecting was actually in order to save the tree !

It was collected on 8/3/2010, which is a good time to collect ( Spring ), but the best time is earlier in the months of January/February - before the leaves begin to grow ( end of winter )

Step 2 / 6

After extracting the tree from the ground, the tree roots were covered with a wet cloth, and a nylon bag was wrapped it tightly.

This way the moisture around the roots is maintained and the delicate roots are not hurt during the transfer home

Step 3 / 6

Here you can see some close up's of the roots

The tiny black roots are the source of success for this specie, that for him black roots are actually living roots.

When the tree is growing in small places in the rocks it creates this delicate roots which are most vital for his survival !!!

This is why I actually prefer to collect from rocky areas and not from the ground ( where he sends long roots deep down ) - much higher survival rate

Step 4 / 6

I placed a nylon bag on the branches that still had living leaves to maintain the moisture and protect them

this tree is very sensitive to high level of moisture - so be advise to monitor closely and remove the bag or make some holes to lower the humidity inside

I created a soil mixture of 80% crushed tuff and 20% nursery soil, The tree roots were covered with sphagnum moss and placed inside the soil

Step 5 / 6

This is 1 week after collection

Step 6 / 6

This is 5 years after collection :)

The tree has become the main element of a Penjing !

I hope I helped by sharing my experience, will be happy to hear if I did :)
If you have any questions - just comment below and I will answer

By the way...
The rest of the progression is describe in the following guides:

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