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The Canson paper has the one side rougher than the other. For small scales ( Like the model of the photo ) I use the side that is less rough. For larger scales ( 1/72 and up ) the rougher side is just fine. The photos are extremely close ups. In reality it's not showing that much and you should experiment accordingly with your taste. We paint randomly the paper with the paints very diluted and set it aside to dry thoroughly.

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In the meanwhile, we design our building on the cardboard, cut it and paint it black so we can create shadows between the "planks".

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We slice the paper in thin stripes. These will be our planks.

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With a small brush ( here I used No1 for N scale )and diluted white glue we glue them one by one on the cardboard wall.We pick randomly the planks so we create the illusion of differently weathered wood. The second image is a different building with different staining, just for reference. When dry the planks are sturdy enough to create some damage with the cutter blade ( i.e. small holes and cuts between the planks ).

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We use oils and acrylics for washes and streaking. The windows are from a company named "Tichy train group". The roof is made out of printed corrugated sheets that were cut and glued in pieces. Weathering was done with rust color oils.

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