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a new tree as born ( a cutting from another tree I grew )

It was a big mistake to start with such a thin cutting !!! With Ulmus it is advisable to start with a much thicker cutting, not waste too many years on just letting him thicken

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In the beginning the growth was rather slow...

The only advantage with starting with such a thin cutting is the ability to shape him in every way you want...I did not do this because I wanted to let him be "Natural", only to learn in the later years that the "natural" design created many problems

The lesson learned was to identify problems that will reduce design options in the future and take care of them while you can

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The tree was grown for 1 year in a big training pot (brown ) and then moved to a smaller training pot ( black )

HUGE mistake !!! from my current experience with other ulmus trees I know now that if I let the tree stay for another 2 years in the big pot, the growth rate was much bigger !

The good thing was that I was able to take care of the nebari and roots before they become too big

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Tree continue to grow...

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As you can see the tree was again moved to a slightly bigger training pot, and I made some design decisions ( cutting one of the main branches in picture #2 )

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In the last 2 years the tree continue to grow and thicken

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The tree has made great growth in the last 2 years and thickened :)

I made some very heavy cutting of branches, so I can see the beauty beneath the leaves...

Now waiting for the spring to re-pot and make some changes in the planting angle

Stay tuned :)

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