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Step 1 / 2

4/3/2014 :
- I start this "diary" after the tree has been growing for several years in the ground
- in this step I describe the Initial design planning

1st picture:
- the planned new planting angle

2nd picture :
- Main planned branches :
1 - will be the leader
4 - a branch that is currently don't exist, I am waiting for him to sprout

3rd picture :
- in 2015 when I could check the nebari structure, I understood that the only possible option is to use as the leader is the beanch marked in blue "Leader" !!!
- I am so happy, I let him grow in parallel to the other branches
- ALWAYS - make decisions only after checking the nebari structure !!!!

Step 2 / 2


1st picture:
- in the last 2 years the old leader has thickened :)
- a new leader has been growing ( marked in green #2 )
- it is time to cut the extension of the old leader that was used as a sacrifice branch ( marked in red ) so the main trunk will become : 1 + 2

2nd picture :
- this is where the old leader branch was cut off

3rd picture :
- this is how the tree look after the cutting of the sacrifice branch

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