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Step 1 / 9

For the basic shapes of the two "Watch-Dragons" I used SuperSculpey firm on top of small potato shaped ball of crunched aluminium foil.
Once pleased with the basic shape I baked them in the oven according to material instructions.
Then I added the muscles and skin using the softer (beige colored) SuperSculpey "standard"

Step 2 / 9

After I created all the muscles and skin, I started the head.
Again using balls from already cured ProCreate for the eyes.
Since I want these creatures to be different than standard dragons, I decided to give them a more bird style look and sculpted a beak like snout.

Step 3 / 9

To give it a fierce and grim expression - watch dog after all - it got some strong eyelids and eyeridges.
"Looks like a Killer Chicken" my wife said when she saw it the first time :)

Step 4 / 9

After I sculpted the second dragon and positioned it in the scene I realized the head was too big.
So I chopped it off, and sculpted a new one.

Step 5 / 9

After the bodies of the watch dragons were baked I added details with GreenStuff, like this collar, but also details to the hands and feet, like claws, tendons and knuckles.

Step 6 / 9

The next pieces for the scene were the little Fire-Lizards.
They are more in the traditional dragon-style, just smaller.
I sculpted these using GreenStuff.

Step 7 / 9

For the wings I used thin wire (paper clip) that I wrapped with GreenStuff.
As you can see the actual lizards are still a bit crude and many of the seams between the muscles still visible.

Step 8 / 9

The actual skin of the wings I created using thinnly rolled ProCreate that I then attached to the previously cured wing "bones".
In a final step I used "liquid GreenStuff" (from Games Workshop) to fill small gaps and minor seams.

Step 9 / 9

This completes the build guide of the watch-dragons and Fire-Lizards for "The Princess".

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