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Building an island 360 Paludarium with artificial climate system
This Guide will show the way I built my paludarium

the tank is (100cm x 100cm x 70cm) made with a 8mm thick glass

The Island is made with Seychelles natural sand, and it will be also with boulders, vegetation, driftwood branches and vines falling from the ceiling fill the space, and will be covered with orchids and moss (lots of moss).

Side vegetation, I will try with specific plants such as frangipani with its beautiful yellow flowers and the famous Flower of Gardenia Tiare Tahitensis, as usual with a database of several varieties of ferns and orchids Vanilla is climbing).

A system of artificial climate will be set up to recreate the rain (and therefore the natural watering of all plants by this technique), the waves will also fail on the outskirts of the island through a pump vibration and the wind that will provide aeration and naturally move the foliage.

For lighting, we go for the 100% LED, ie "High power" of the 30W unit, there will 9x30W.

NET volume of the tank : 185 Gallon (700L)
Closed : Yes
Materials : 8mm glass tank, gallery and wooden furniture OSB
Lightning : 100% LEDs 9x30W
Aeration : Four PC fans 3W (12cmx12cm)
Irrigation : A pump 1500L/h for the system of rain
Wave system : Two vibrations pumps 3000L / h
Fogger/mist : 3 Foggers
Type of water : 100% filtered rainwater (not limestone)
Type of scene : 100% Natural: Natural sand Seychelles, rocks, driftwood, vines & natural roots.
Plants : Terrestrial and Epiphytes (ferns, gardenia, vanilla, orchids, palms, creeping, and mosses)
Planting technique/substrate : 100% natural moss (kept wet by rain system)
Animals : Currently a water snail "Neritina" can be added later to Bernard terrestrial hermit (Pagou) or crabs vampires, Drosophila for the atmosphere "gnats" and Agalychnis callidryas and crickets and why not also Sparkies (fireflies). But nothing is really decided yet.
Height of water : 5 in or 35 gal (15cm or 150L)
Very Difficult

written by: Spirit-Of-Jungle

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