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Step 1 / 4

1.We fill in the Soil

2. Now we add some Water. Not too much, the Soil may not be too wet, otherwise it might become difficult to knead. We knead and press the Substrate until it got a dough Texture. It is advisable to wear rubber Gloves when doing this. Not only that you spare washing Hands, Soil holds Humic Acid with a slight tan Effect!

Step 2 / 4

Our Soil Dumpling is now ready.Theoretically you could go for planting.
But we do use our Dessertform to press our Dumpling into a perfect flat Cake.
Now we finished our first Soilcake - Let`s head for the Fun Part!

Step 3 / 4

We plug in our Plants one by one.

Step 4 / 4

Both Wabis are finished and nice looking.

I`d be glad if someone gets inspired to come up with his own Attempt.
Maximum Success to all of your Projects!

Frederic Fuss

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