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Step 1 / 8

We will be using some pieces of polystyrene extrusion in a thickness of 3 cm

Cut into the dimensions in the picture

Step 2 / 8

Find a good reference pictures or use your imagination :)

Step 3 / 8

Use a pencil to draw the "stones" according to your selected reference

Step 4 / 8

We shall now prepare the soldering iron :

First thing is to sharpen the tips so the work will be accurate

Second is to connect it to a power regulator, so we can control the amount of heat produced ( not to burn too much )

Step 5 / 8

Use the soldering iron to create the "stones" by carving the spaces between them

Step 6 / 8

brick by brick we are cutting the remains from working with the soldering iron
and give an individualized look to each and every stone.

It is important that you maintain the blade of the knife sharp

Step 7 / 8

In this step we will give the stones a texture

We use a universal solvent and an old and hard paintbrush

quickly put the brush in the solvent and then gently by the stones

once implemented the solvent, when we see that has dried up the porex, with the soldador we go back to the formation of the stones, to sink more the groove in the same

If we see that there have been many edges with a fine sandpaper can replacing them

Step 8 / 8

This is the end result !

I hope you have enjoyed and it was valuable for you :)

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