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After collecting hornbeam saplings and rocks, I went to a local gravestone merchant and he made me a deal for appropriate marble plate - this one was for some 15 euros.
I imagined the outline and drilled the holes for wires and excess water.
I mixed cement that is used for tiles and glued the rocks on.
I did it in 2 steps to allow the cement to dry because I used a lot of it gluing various supporting rocks under the main feature rocks.
After drying, I used some more cement to make "walls" for substrate, because I didn´t want to use too much KETO that is quite expensive, and I do not have time to make my own, and cement is a cheap substitution.

Step 2 / 5

Then I had to come up with the layout for the trees, so I took a picture and draw some ideas in windows paint software.
I was intending to make a water and land penjing at that stage, but since I had one already, I decided to go for a railway instead of a creek later on.
I am always thinking of ways to make something original, and I haven´t seen a penjing with a railway yet, and since railway is a common feature in our landscapes, and happily I have found one in the cellar from my childhood years, the decision has been made.

Step 3 / 5

Penjing shortly after creation.

Step 4 / 5

In the early days of december 2015, after 1 season growth.

Step 5 / 5

Penjing after leaves fell down and I was able to do some minor pruning and wiring.

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