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First we have to make the mould for the tent: Cut the 32mm thick MDF (or your favourite carving stock) to about 75mm length to 75mm width. Mark it off across the diagonals and centres as per pic #1.

Next cut off along these lines to create a pyramid. Also cut in the tent's entrance.

You don't need to work precisely as the tents never stood perfectly square!

After that, carve in folds and give it all a light sanding.

Step 2 / 5

I made up two slightly different versions as I didn't want too many duplicates on the diorama. I sprayed them with a teflon release agent, but that is not necessary if you only want to do one or two pulls from the masters.

Cut a rectangular piece of pewter and place it onto the mould so the one edge rests on the peak of the tent.

Remember, the tent comprises of two Zeltbahn sheets with an overlap in the middle.

Start rubbing the pewter down using your fingers, and once the basic form has been achieved, use various diameter embossing tools to give the folds their shapes on the master.

Cut off excess pewter along the bottom edges.

Step 3 / 5

Overlap the second rectangular piece of pewter, overlapping the first by a couple of millimeters.

Glue the overlap together using super glue.

Repeat the rubbing down and embossing process, and cut off all excess material again.

Step 4 / 5

After a couple of minutes glue drying time, pull the tent off the master.
Airbrush with a suitable primer.

Since this was my first attempt at camouflage painting, I'm in no position to give a painting lesson.

Step 5 / 5

Using the same masters, several tents can be created.

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