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Step 1 / 6

Wind a length of the solder wire tightly around a piece of 25mm reinforced poly water pipe.

Step 2 / 6

Remove the solder wire from the pipe and cut along one side with the scissors.

Step 3 / 6

Using the hacksaw, cut a number of lengths of pipe the same length as a 1/35 scale fuel drum.

The bent solder wire will now be in the shape of the drum.

Step 4 / 6

Using super glue, glue on the ring at one end.

Glue on another three rings, following the same distances as a 1/35 scale fuel drum.

Remember to work from one side to the other, so that the rings can easily slip over the pipe!

Step 5 / 6

Use the hollow nosed punch and punch on the fuel drum "lids".

Fill the completed drum with epoxy putty to just below the top and bottom rims, and push flat. This forms the end plates.

Step 6 / 6

I used my drums in a small fuel depot and positioned them on wooden planks with a tarp covering them

The planks are thin strips of wood and the tarp a piece of aluminium foil.

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