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Step 1 / 7

For first coat I've used Heavy Grey.

Step 2 / 7

For this step I've used Scrofulus Brown. I roughly painted spots on armour that will radiate.

First you need to decide from where light is striking, and paint places on armour that are under light.

For this step you don't need to pay that much attention, fell free to do some rough painting. Let your imagination run wild. But, don't overdo it.

Step 3 / 7

Now, I've made a wash from Sick Blue, and apply it on places under shadow.

I've used Sick Blue because of contrast. It's a cold colour, and gold for itself it's warm.

Also, surrounding can be significant, and it can be reflected on metal (armour).

Step 4 / 7

For now, this look kind a rough. And we need to adjust gradation between colours, to blend it.

And for that I've used Scronfulus Brown again.

For smooth gradation you can water down colour a little bit.

Step 5 / 7

In this phase, I've mixed little bit of Dead White with Scronfulus Brown. To make first coat of highlight.

Again, pay attention to where light strikes. On that spots we will paint highlights, step by step and with every phase in smaller proportion.

Step 6 / 7

This step is simple putting clean Dead White colour on most illuminated places on metal/armour.

In this phase, pay attention not to overdo.

On rounded places of armour you need to put white dots on most illuminated spots, and to make some of edges radiate in puting some white light on it.

Step 7 / 7

Final step.

I've user Bloodletter Glaze on some spots from right side of armour.

This step is not neceserry. It's only because of my idea to make some red reflection on armour, becouse of, earlier mentioned, surrounding.

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