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Step 1 / 7

Find Reference pictures for the scene you are modeling, this is very important and will contribute to the realism of the result

Step 2 / 7

Create a frame ( the green ) that will be high enough ( just a bit higher then the highest wave peak )

Position the ship where it would be

Sculpt the waves with plaster ( the white wet material in the picture )according to the reference pictures you found

Step 3 / 7

Remove the ship and Let the plaster dry

Step 4 / 7

Pour silicone on top of the plaster till it covers all the waves to create a mold and let it dry

After the silicone dries, take it off and now you have a mold for the waves

At this point you no longer need the plaster ( you can throw it away )

Step 5 / 7

Rub some oil on the silicone mold so the resin will not stick to it

Pour resin into the silicone mold - Pour it layer by layer, first coat ıs the most transparent because it is the top peak of the wave, then more you go on top of the mould you make the resin darker

After each layer you pour, let it dry before adding the next layer so there will be no cracks

After the waves are ready, re-position the ship ( you can glue it if you want )

Step 6 / 7

Creating the foam of the waves

The foam of the waves is created using a modeling paste

The most important is that the paste will be heavy/strong ( you can always make it softer by adding water ) - I used the one from Amsterdam company

BEFORE starting - check if the paste becomes transparent when it dries, if it does mix some white paint with it

Step 7 / 7

The final result :) I've placed it inside a glass box

I am happy to contribute from my experience and hope this guide was valuable

I'll appreciate any feedback :)

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