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Step 1 / 7

Here you can see the 2 main products I'm using to create the water

Step 2 / 7

Here I am creating the sea shore using wood

I covered the "shore" with some Plaster and then I sculpt it

Step 3 / 7

Using Acrylic colors I am painting the shore and the bottom of the ocean

Please notice that in the place of the deeper water I am using darker colors

Step 4 / 7

Here I am using the Gel (picture is in step 1 ) to create the water

I do this in layers, every time letting the layer dry and then apply another layer

The end result of this step is shown in the second picture after 5 layers

Step 5 / 7

Here I am using the still water product that I've shown in step 1

Step 6 / 7

To create the foam of the waves I use the Gel mixed with white acrylic color

This is a very challenging step, because the movement of the waves is complicated, I advise you to look carefully at your reference pictures :)

Step 7 / 7

This is the final result

Will be happy to get your feedback !

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