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Step 1 / 20

I am using an extruded polyurethane with thickness of 5 cm

Draw a circle using any tool you want ( I use the cover of a jar )

Step 2 / 20

I am using a HOT wire to cut the shape, first I cut to a cube and then I cut the shape

After the hot wire, use Sand paper to make it smooth

BE CAREFUL with the HOT wire !!! not to cut any finger...

Step 3 / 20

Mark around points in equal spaceing

Connect the dots to have the lines

Step 4 / 20

With a tape measure we measure the diameter (in this case, 28 cm )

mark the vertical lines of the stones on the sides and also on top

Step 5 / 20

Use the knife to cut the spaces between the stones

Step 6 / 20

In this step we will create the cover of the well

Measure and mark the lines with a pen

Use the knife to create the spaces

Step 7 / 20

Use any tool you want ( even the other end of the brush ) to press, so it will seem like the stones are NOT perfectly built but rather old

The material we are using ( extruded polyurethane ) is not elastic, so when you press it will stay like this

Step 8 / 20

Use a wire brush to give the stones interesting texture

Step 9 / 20

Cut additional 3 pieces of the extruded polyurethane, cut them according to the shape you see in the pictures and glue them

Use the wire brush to give them texture

Step 10 / 20

In the same way we plan, cut and create the stone columns

Step 11 / 20

Using the sharp knife, cut some stones as they were broken over time

Step 12 / 20

Here is the result before starting to paint

Step 13 / 20

Mix the 2 colors you see and add water to dilute them

the color should look like in the second picture

The 3rd picture shows the well after painting with this mix

Step 14 / 20

Use this color to paint the cover of the well

Step 15 / 20

Use this color as a second layer on the well

Step 16 / 20

Use the white color with a hard brush to do dry brushing

Step 17 / 20

The stone columns are painted in the same way

We use a dark color for the spaces between the stones to give it more nuance

Step 18 / 20

Use a wire for the handle of the cover

Step 19 / 20

After the color is completely dry, prepare the PVA glue diluted in water to 30%.

the PVA will protect and maintain the color over time

Step 20 / 20

Add some artificial fibers as a vegetation (optional)

This is the final result of creating the water well itself

please leave a feedback on this guide so I will know if it was valuable for you or if you have any suggestions for improvement

If you want to see how the rest of the elements were created please follow the other parts of creating this water well :

part 2 - the wooden beams - http://miniscaping.com/guide/86/pic/view

part 3 - the bucket and the pulley

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