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Step 1 / 11

We start to create the pulley

we cut a cube from the extruded polyurethane

and then using the sandpaper to make it round

Step 2 / 11

Mark where the rope will pass and then sand it using a small round rasp

Step 3 / 11

Paint the pulley

Step 4 / 11

Cut another piece of the extruded polyurethane to create the door pulley and paint it

put some Glue and attach it to the pulley

Step 5 / 11

We now start to create the bucket

Start by cutting the overall shape and polish it with the sandpaper

Use a sharp knife to create vertical incisions

Use 2 more pieces and glue them around

Step 6 / 11

Cut another piece to be used as the bucket handle and paint everything

Step 7 / 11

Use 2 small iron nail - from each side

Step 8 / 11

Glue the pulley to the wooden beam

Step 9 / 11

Cut a piece of hemp twine

Wrap the hemp twine 2 times around the pulley

Step 10 / 11

Tie the hemp twine to the handle of the bucket

Put a small iron nail in the "stone" column

Pass the hemp twine through the pulley and wrap it around the small iron nail

Step 11 / 11

Pictures of the final result

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to see the earlier 2 parts of creating this water well:

part 1 - create the well and the stone columns

part 2 - the wooden beams

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