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Step 1 / 7

It all start with a dry ( dead ) tree with interesting trunk texture and good branch structure

In this case I've used rosmarin

Step 2 / 7

Use the electric driller to create holes in the places you want to add the fine branches

for The tree fine branches we will branches of TELOXIX Aristata ( if you can't find any - you can buy some seeds and easily grow it )

We pass the desired branch to see if it fits the hole

Step 3 / 7

For each branch, put a drop of glue in the hole ( I use attak Gel )

Use tweezers to place the branch inside the hole

Step 4 / 7

We spray some hairspray on the fine branches

Step 5 / 7

I first use dried oregano leaves that can be found in any supermarket
and spread them on the branches of Teloxix Aristata

Step 6 / 7

I spray again with the hairspray and now I use dried parsley leaves ( found in any supermarket )

Step 7 / 7

This is the end result !

Hope you like it

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