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Step 1 / 14

First I am creating the foam and bubbles that are created when the running water in the river bump into the rocks

I do this using modeling paste mixed with some die

This is making the illusion and sense of motion

Step 2 / 14

In this step i'm using a material that look like sparkling, it appears to be sunlight reflection from the water

I just spray this in the places that there are water, especially in the base of the waterfalls, I do several layers with various colors - white, blue,...

Be very subtle with it, you don't need a lot - be careful not to over do

Step 3 / 14

Here I am creating little "dams" to hold the water in each level

I do this using transperent Epoxy

Step 4 / 14

The main material I'm using for the strings of water is Angel hair :)

Step 5 / 14

On a top of a small mirror, I put a strip of 2-sided scotch

then I take strands of the Angel hair and put them across the scotch strip

Step 6 / 14

Using a metal ruler and a Razor, I cut the unnecessary top part

Then I cut below according to the length of the waterfall ( I'm starting with the short waterfall )

Step 7 / 14

This is how it looks after I attach all the angel hair to the top of the waterfalls

IMPORTANT !!! since the waterfalls overlap each other, start to attach from the most bottom waterfalls and work your way up !

Step 8 / 14

In this step I will use Resin to secure the waterfalls to the top of the rocks ( the 2-sided is sticking from the bottom side ) and this will stick from the top side

I am using old brushes I don't need, because they are ruined by the resin

I start by pressing the top of the angel hair fibers down and "up stream", and after this I also do it on the lower parts

Be careful from the angel hair because it is glass fibers

This step requires time and patience :)

Step 9 / 14

Once you gain confidence, you can attach the waterfalls to the top of the rocks without the 2-sided scotch !

just rub a thin layer of the resin on the top of the rock, then put the top of the angel hair and using the brush with more resin push down

after the top is stick, tease the angel hair in a down movement

Step 10 / 14

This is how it looks after I added several layers of the resin

The resin gives it a real "wet" look

I also filled the ponds with the resin till the top

Step 11 / 14

This step will simulate the splashing of the water when they hit the ponds at the bottom of each waterfall

I'm taking a small amount of the aquarium filter floss ( you can always ad later ) and squeeze it down into the (still) wet resin and then I tease it up ( simulating the splashes of water up )

Step 12 / 14

I tease the floss up the waterfall, because the water are like this not only at the bottom but also as they fall and stumble each other

I also press the floss down and tease it to simulate the bubbles of flowing on the water face

Step 13 / 14

Some close up of the finished work

Step 14 / 14

This is the finished result, as you can see when a viewer is first seeing this, he just see the bottom of the waterfalls, and only when he approach and investigate, he is discovering all the waterfalls system

I hope this guide was helpful :)

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