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Spruce yamadori
Spruce yamadori Small Spruce yamadori Small 2 Spruce yamadori Small 3 Spruce yamadori Small 4
Size(LWH): 140cm x 90cm x 110 cm
This Spruce was collected from nature in 2010 and since than it was developed each year to the current stage. It is far from exhibition level but slowly it is getting there.

In my experience the best time to style Spruces is end of summer or beginning of autumn. In the climate where I live (Central European climate) we work on Spruces from end of August until end of September. One important tip for styling Spruces is that the needles need to be moist all the time, if they are getting dry while styling this is strongly weakening the particular branch and results in loss of needles or even loss of branches. So it is important to moisture the part of the tree on which we work at all time.
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