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The waters of Kyoto
The waters of Kyoto Small The waters of Kyoto Small 2 The waters of Kyoto Small 3 The waters of Kyoto Small 4
Size(LWH): 170cm x 45cm x 90 cm
1- This work had its construction started in 1997 The source was modeled with 5 medium foam concrete blocks . The water circulates steadily, driven by a pump 400 aquarium Barlo It is hidden in a water tank behind the fountain . The volume of water flowing is 5 liters . 2- For modeling I use cellular concrete grinding and Makita Dreamel with tips of various sizes . To finish I use sandpaper of various weights . The blocks were bonded to alloy stone floors and granite Iber . You can also use cement with a very strong league without problems . 3- Natural stones , medium and small , I choose before modeling . I try to follow their grooves , cracks , designs and textures ; mixing elements no longer work as natural 4- Was used as the main element of the landscape one Pithecolobium Tortum modeled for me for five years . Its roots were already conditioned to the volume of earth dug on top of the landscape .
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