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The Lovers
The Lovers Small
Size(LWH): 10cm x 17cm x 10 cm
“You think you are righteous,

you think you are saints,

warriors hand picked by god...

You are nothing but a blind beasts herded by instincts . Good and evil are an illusion. Nothing but names to describe your actions depending on the position of your observer. You fools, go back now or you will go insane in this land of madness.”

Saying this, the beast and the woman vanished. Gen-ko fell down to his knees and started trembling and crying. This is a man who had killed by the dozens in battle. This is a man of substance. A warrior, A viking. Yet there he was crying as an infant. The woman have had stared into his eyes while the beast was speaking. What could he have seen in her eyes that destroyed a man like Gen-ko? Why did she have a smirk in her face?

We decided to wait for the man to pull himself together. But we spent two sunsets and sunrises in vain. We understood we had lost Gen-ko to madness. We all looked at each other in silence, but we all knew there was no choice but to start our journey inland without him.

An hour into our peregrination we heard Gen-ko screaming in the distance. His madness had been infested by panic. We could feel terrible fear in his broken voice. “Darkness”, “Darkness” He cried and none of us would dare to move. “Darkness” once more he cried. and then he cried no more. There was nothing else to do but to keep walking so we did just that.
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