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Reef Tank modification
Reef Tank modification Small Reef Tank modification Small 2 Reef Tank modification Small 3
Size(LWH): 122cm x 61cm x 71 cm
This was an acrylic reef tank that I modified to hold Poison Dart Frogs, back in the late 1990s.

Rain system, fog system, waterfall, stream/shoreline...I even had a thunder system with the mist system.
This was way before this type of thing was popular. I had built zoo exhibits for zoos across the USA, this type of thing was a side project for me.

All the ruins, clay jars, artifact replicas, were created by hand, by me.

Not knocking anyone elses creation, but I use to use silicone in these things and they would ALWAYS degrade within about a year. This expanding foam, silicone, coco fiber trend is not the way to go (this is from my experience).

I have a project coming out that we will be showing how to do exhibits that will last, many of these methods are used by zoo exhibit design companies worldwide. I will post links soon.
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