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The Yanks dragging technology towards the future
The Yanks dragging technology towards the future Small
Size(LWH): 50cm x 15cm x 30 cm
This is my 3rd model so far, and again it comes from a book I read the other days.
I have tried to represent the moment when the US soldiers found one of the latest Arados and more specific the Ar 234 C-3. This specific airplane was build and tested only for several hours before the end of the war. In reality the frond wind shield was broken and the right outside engine was damaged by the Germans when the retreat from the factory in order to make the plane unsuitable for flights. The Americans capture it although and the immediately cover it with several items inside a hangar and then after some time they dismal it and send it back to Unite States for test flights. called this diorama “The Yanks dragging technology toward the future” and that because after they capture this type of technology they start to unlock there own projects.
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