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Houdini Small Houdini Small 2 Houdini Small 3 Houdini Small 4 Houdini Small 5 Houdini Small 6
Size(LWH): 13cm x 10cm x 20 cm
He has a soft, yet sturdy body built over a strong wire armature. If standing, he would be about 12". His head, hands and feet were sculpted with Fimo clay. I researched his straightjacket and modeled it after the one he used most. It is made of leather. I chose mohair (goat) as it had the texture I needed to resemble his locks. His ankle cuffs are sculpted to resemble those from his time-period. I made the wooden crate for something for him to sit on and to give the feeling that it was a prop on stage, or that he was doing one of his outside stunts at the docks. I designed the matching promo poster to finish off the "stage" atmosphere.
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