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Juan Puchades
39 years

Favorite Art: AquaScaping

It is an art that allows us to express a work in constant evolution. Presents a wide range of materials, colors, textures and shapes . In turn, it is associated nature and art. I can't image any other where we can find animals in a healthy environment, plants and art.

My Portfolio

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About me

I am a periodoncist (Dentist) from Valencia. I work for the University of Valencia as associated professor and also I have my own gabinet. I started in aquascaping just three years ago (2011) and during this time I have reached so many great moments with this my main hobby.
As an aquascaper I have been on places 26th (2014), 54th (2013) and 284th (2012) in IAPLC. Twice top10 at AGA (2013-2014). 2th at GAPLC 2014 Standard category. 1st CBAP 2013 foreigners category. Also I judge CBAP and AAS contest since 2014.

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My Personal Website

you are invited to learn more about me on the following website: