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Adist Aquascaping
13 years

Favorite Art: AquaScaping

It is an impressive way to see miniaturised landscapes in a fantastic underwater form.

My Portfolio

You are most welcome to enjoy my public portfolio:

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About me

Adist Aquascaping; the name of our group which consist of four aquascapers (Mustafa Erdogar, N. Batuhan Bayram, Timucin Sagel and Serkan Cetinkol) who live in the city of Istanbul/Turkey. Group members have been interested in aquarium hobby from early ages. In the course of time, they have gained information and experience in different fields of this hobby; especially specialized planted aquariums and aquascaping. Then came together in 2010.

Quotes that inspire me

Nature, Fantasy media which includes nature, Matte Painting, Penjing, Diorama

My Personal Website

you are invited to learn more about me on the following website: