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Frederic Fuss
43 years

Favorite Art: AquaScaping

I was aslways creative but Aquascaping gives me best opportunity to express myself, my love for Nature and Humanity. Aquascaping is my source of Peace&Joy!

My Portfolio

You are most welcome to enjoy my public portfolio:

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About me

About me:

• Founder of Nordic Scapers Group

• Founder and Manager of Aquariumdesign

• Founder of Aquascaping Academy

• Co-Host at


• Top Ten of Nano Category in AGA Contest 2015
• Rank 1 at EAPLC 2015
• Rank 4 at EAPLC 2014
• Top Ten at GAPLC 2013
• Rank 3 at ASX2 Blog Fotocontest

My Name is Frederic Fuss, i live in Hamburg/Germany.
I started Aquascaping in the year 2012, and never had an Aquarium before.
Before i stumbled over Amanos Works i considered Aquariums as very boring.
But now i put much efforts in convincing people how much Joy you can achieve in this fantastic Hobby.
That ist the reason why i founded Nordic Scapers Group in 2014 and now Aquascaping Academy.
I also work on
Together with my passionate Friend Simon Estades, we try to spread the true Spirit of Aquascaping around the Globe.