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Andres Bicocca
46 years

Favorite Art: Bonsai

kimura masahiko

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About me


Without question my favourite tool when creating a bonsai is wood carving. My desings are based on this. Find and select plants that allow me to apply this technique and achieve noticeable results.
Choose plants that lack dead wood, because what I like is to create it myself.
Many people when working the wood aim to achieve a look the same as natural as possible, I do not seek these results, I do like to see the wood from the trees in nature, is a very important and unique source of inspiration, but at the time to translate this into my trees, I find the thin line that separates the natural of what might be called or classified as artificial, together with the rest of the tree, are a perfect combination, a sculpture that transmites sensations and awaken moods and emotions in the viewer.
The bonsai desing rules created by Chinese and Japanese teachers capture in books, teach us how to create bonsai meeting rules, today many use those rules to be broken and so is born another way to make bonsai with other aesthetics, for many it is difficult to accept this type of work, because it is difficult to open the mind and is easier to rely on old things, in the world of bonsai queen the phrase « the longer you take this, the more you know » I do not think so, for me is the intensity with wich things are done, and the ability to create, not to copy or reproduce. It is logical that the time gives you a lot of experience, but the most important are the results, not how and how long it took to carry it out.
Art is subjetive therefore can not be wrong, art is evolving, needs evolve and to bring new ideas, on the assumption that nature is our inspiration, and the same is free and evolving, right would do the same.
I am inspired to look a trees in their natural states, trees that do not comply with rules written by the man, trees struggling to survive, reflecting wisdom, the contrast of life and death.
The desing of a bonsai should be free, without ties or limitations, while maintaining aesthetic balance ; this balance is within each, for some it can be aesthetically for others it may not be ; depends on how you look.

Quotes that inspire me


Transformation is the key element when working with this material. Training the imagination to have the vision to see different things, new options of forms, change something that already exists, modified to transmit other sensations. Alter or change the way keeping the identity.
In this example you can see a drastic change in the structure of the tree
Transforming the composition conveys and reveals things hidden. As I said « train the vision to see those things hidden » acquiere the abillity trought the use of tools to bring that vision, is a complicated process that is achieved trought practice.
There are somethimes many ideas and possibilities, a decision is also complicated in some cases, important thing is to always do what one thinks is right, if something goes wrong, is not a problem, because we can reprocess, errors somethimes lead to something better. Transformation is a process that envolves as the work progresses, we do something and we do have problems, that´s the fun of working this way, when there are problems to solve, situations arise that make the job more entertaining. I think the tree is the one who decides to where you can get and what you can do, is important to realize that and respect it.

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