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Axel Örtenblad

Favorite Art: Railroading scenery

My Portfolio

You are most welcome to enjoy my public portfolio:

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About me

Örtenblad Creative Studio, founded in 2013 by Axel Örtenblad, a set designer and model making expert with more than 20 years of experience. Headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden, specialized in making unique environments and constructions of various kinds and sizes. He is appreciated for his creative solutions and efficient way of work. Axel is making models and set designs for architects, photographers, production companies and many more.

References: Riksutställningar, The museum of technology in Stockholm, GQ Magazine UK, Mitekgruppen, Bladverket, Telge Energi, Gröna Lund, Swedish Culinary Team, Netcorner etc.

My Personal Website

you are invited to learn more about me on the following website: