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Favorite Art: Diorama

Not exactly diorama but 1/12th scale dolls house and model building is my thing. It provides me with an absorbing hobby which touches on many different skill sets, carpentry, electrics, needlework, beadwork, sculpture, landscaping, the list is endless. Always something new to figure out how to make in 1/12th scale.

My Portfolio

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About me

I live in the UK but my first introduction to model building was with an American kit by the Greenleaf company. I started this hobby at the age of 59 so I was no spring chicken and the kit I chose was the biggest dollshouse in their portfolio - so, a big challenge for me. There was one night when two full days work was ruined by warping wood and if you can picture a lady of a certain age, in her nightgown looking wild eyed and slightly insane, trying to pick up a monstrous model and heft it into the garden pond - well that was me. Fortunately a good night's sleep renewed my energy and I set about repairing the damage.
Since those days I have built a number of other houses but I spend a lot of my time sculpting 1/12th scale figures which I sell in my Etsy shop.

Quotes that inspire me

I hope my ship comes in before my dock rots

Not exactly inspirational but it sums up my late entry into model making I think.

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