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Vinh Lam Ngoc
52 years

Favorite Art: Penjing

I love Penjing because when I see the natural mountain I want to shrink them into small trays to be able to look at them every day.

My Portfolio

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About me

I'm from Vietnam. I come to Bonsai from seeing first bonsai in a newspaper when I was just ten years old. This first view of a bonsai tree led to many years of research and experimentation with native Vietnam tropical species including fruit trees such as Toad, guava, plum, mango, lemon, peppers, and later with less used species such as rose and others.

I work with many forms including Mountain, Stone, and Landscapes, and especially Mame and Shohin bonsai. I'm well known in my home country of Vietnam and also on international bonsai websites. Government awarded the National artisans, My work and achievements are highly praised and I has earned many awards in Vietnam.