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Find Inspiration for your MiniScapes
Every great MiniScape start with an idea…

Find the perfect one for you
By exploring the unique community’s collection
Pictures, Matte paintings and Manual drawings


Amazing natural scenery

Remarkable trees

Ancient civilizations & Alien worlds

Make your MiniScapes look amazingly real!
Every little detail is making a big difference

Your MiniScape should create the illusion
that All the elements were affected from the same environment

Learn from reference pictures and MiniScapes
That were affected from
a certain Combination of environmental conditions,

such as:

Strong winds in high mountains

Hot temperature & high humidity

Extreme cold & heavy snow

Desert heat with blistering sand

Let your MiniScape tell her story!
Storytelling is one of the most powerful ways to communicate!
It draws the viewer in,
Invites him to think and make him feel.

We invite you to discover how other members do it…
for a specific “Hero” and Story type

such as

Survival against all odds

Wonder of nature

Gigantic / Longevity / Lonliness

Heroes and Battles

True Serenity

Experience the magic of transformation
MiniScapers are magicians...
Who turn raw materials into a remarkble MiniScape

You’re invited to a journey in time
To discover how other members do it,
By watching snapshots of the main front
along different points in time

Each snapshot contains multiple explanations
One for every change that was made

The main progression types are

Trees progressions over time

Aquariums setups

Creation of Model scenery

Manually painting Miniatures

Inspire the world & Earn your reputation
Manage your entire collection effectively,
Focus on the info and pictures that really make a difference,
and access it securely from anywhere in the world.

Choose the most unique MiniScapes in your collection,
Publish them to your public state-of-the-art portfolio
to Inspire the community & the rest of the world
and Earn your reputation

People can learn more about you by visiting
Your personal profile and from there they may go to
Your personal website/blog
This is only the begining !
We hope that you like the features so far…
Community members are invited to use them for FREE

You should know that for us it’s only the starting point
We are currently working hard on the next versions
That will hopefully revolutionize
The way people learn MiniScaping arts

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