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Bonsai is a Japanese art of training miniature trees in containers.

Being a bonsai artist allows you to enjoy the wonder of nature at the comfort of your home, it is a most relaxing activity that develops your inner peace, imagination and understanding of nature. It also allows you to show others the greatness of nature, even if they don’t enjoy going to trips.

In order to become really good at bonsai, you need to master many fields of knowledge : artistic principles such as: composition, focal points, meaning of shapes And also understand in deep: how trees grow, how do they react to external factors such as : wind, shortage of water, high humidity, heat and cold.

This place is the home of Bonsai artists in all levels from around the worlds, that share their knowledge and experience by writing free step-by-step how to guides on Bonsai. You are invited to suggest topics that you wish to learn about and if you have the knowledge – please share it with other people passionate about this remarkable Art.

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