Contest - Wabi Kusa challenge 2016

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Wabi Kusa contest free participation with great prizes
Challenge yourself to create a Wabi Kusa
Total prizes of over 350€ , kindly contributed by KRUEGER AQUARISTIK
You may use only aquatic Plants which can also grow submerged
Submission will start on the 6th of March and will be open until the 29th of May

Good Luck !
Simon Estades & Frederic Fuss  


What is Wabi-Kusa

• Wabi-kusa are balls of substrate that are covered with plants that are grown in their terrestrial form, very similar to plants that are grown hydroponically in nurseries. These substrate balls are placed directly into a small glass container with some water in and then allowed to grow naturally

• ‘Wabi’ denotes something aesthetic, imperfectly beautiful in nature’s chaos
• ‘Kusa’ means ‘grass’ or sometimes ‘plant’
• Therefore ‘Wabi-kusa’ denotes something natural, beautiful, sweetly imperfect and involving plants

Wabi-kusa allow nature to flow freely, and as such they produce stunning results. Wabi-kusa is a celebration of the wildness and chaos of nature, and as such it is extremely seductive and inspiring – a piece of wilderness in your home
Unlike aquascapes, Wabi-kusa tend not to use hardscape (rocks and wood), although they can be added if desired. The idea is just to let nature flow, rather than staging it and controlling it like we do in AquaScaping

Wabi-kusa is Cheap, require only a small space and it is very easy to get breathtaking results
Here is a a FREE step-by-step guide for creating Wabi Kusa

You are invited to give it a try !

Submission guidelines

• Submission will start on 6/3/2016 and end on 29/5/2016
• The challenge is open to people from all over the world who are older then 13 years
• We only recommend the use of Plants which can live submersed. Participants are free to choose their Substrate, pot, extra Hardscape natural or unnatural
• You can send only 1 creation
• if you are still not a miniscaping member, you will need to create an account ( totally free ) to have space to upload your pictures
• You will need to upload a main picture, fill some information and upload some additional pictures
• Please upload high quality pictures up to 5MB
• Start by clicking on the green CTA

The Exciting Prizes

You can win exciting prizes

1st prize :
• 200 €
• Wabi Kusa Lamp

2nd prize :
• 100 €

3rd prize :
• 50 €

Prizes were kindly contributed by KRUEGER AQUARISTIK - you are invited to visit

The Judging process

The judging criteria will be:
• Design (25%)
• Creativity (25% )
• Plant Health (25%)
• Photography (25% )

Every participant will get at least One comment by a Judge
The system will calculate the final score of each creation based on all the judges voting

The International Judges

Here are the judges ( click to learn more about them ):

Simon Estades
Frederic Fuss
Fabian Kussakawa
Peter Slacka