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In this SBS guide I will work with a Moradillo (Schinus fasciculatus)

The most important it´s to get a death branch of the same species (or at least with the same colour and texture) and that the movements are in line to the trunk and the desired design

In pic #2 you can see me hold the branch and check if it fit

Step 2 / 5

I use an electric driller to drill a hole in the deadwood branch ( pic #1 ) and in the trunk stamp ( pic #2 )

the hole diameter is half or less than the diameter of the branches, at least 2 cm deep (it depends the size of the branch that attaches)

Step 3 / 5

The diameter of the branches to unite must be the same size as the stump of the trunk

Step 4 / 5

Using Epoxy resin

Step 5 / 5

The final outcome

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