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Attaching deadwood branches
In nature we see healthy trees that have death branches, this are the traces of time, in some moment of it´s life suffered some accident, also we can see that it recovered quickly and other branches came out instead of that, the combination between the green of the new branches and the colours: white, black and reddish (depends of the species) of death branches, create an espectacular combination, if we imitate this behavior, we can add our bonsái a special touch.

I am going to show you how unite these death branches to the tree trunk to remain firm and no note and so provide to our material the element that was missing.
In this example the plant that I use it´s a good material, could be achieve a good result without attach branches, but what I wanted to show is just that this type of material, of this quality can also improve.

In this case I will work in a Moradillo (Schinus fasciculatus)

written by: Andres Bicocca

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