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Puncak garuda

Judges comments

Un trabajo espectacular, con gran sensación de naturalidad y una interesante estructura. Considero podrías mejorar el camino, algo recto, monótono y sin profundidad. Asimismo, la elección de los peces, rompe la perspectiva obtenida. ¡¡¡Felicidades por tu gran-pequeño ;) trabajo!!!
Juan Puchades
Very very good job but your fishes are too big for the size of your tank. I hope who you've put they, just for the pic. Zero fish will be best for me. Think to their healty.
Greg Charlet
The hardscape is Excellent ! but...You tried to create the middle rocks as a far a way mountains, but it is very difficult to create an illusion that the biggest elements are actually far a way and especially in a small space so the illusion is not reliable - still I really love this creation - well done !
Alon Shem tov
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Puncak garuda Small Puncak garuda Small 2 Puncak garuda Small 3
Size(LWH): 20cm x 10cm x 15 cm
Stone : eragon stone
Palnt : ricardia
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