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Red Leaf's

Judges comments

Your flowering Rotalas are simply adorable!!! Your Presentation unfortunately is not. :( In my opinion you could have left out the Moss surroundings and a different angle and much brighter Pic would have made this breathtaking. Still no need to be sad, because it is a very strong and colourful Wabi Kusa, definently one of the best I have ever seen!
Frederic Fuss
Those pink flowers and the overall red tone of this wabi kusa is a real difference. Plants look super healthy and lovely. The decorative dry moss from the dish is disturbing though.
Simon Estades
Nice colours and healthy growth! But I think, the non wabikusa style moss from forest is not good idea for Wabi style.
Peter Slacka
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Red Leaf's Small
Size(LWH): cm x cm x cm
- Ludwigia Palustris
- Rotala Rotundifolia
- Marsilea Crenata
- Taiwanmoos
- Staurogyne Repens
- Anubias Nana Petite
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