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Klaus Fischer

Favorite Art: Diorama

Scratch building, kitbashing, and figurine sculpting allows me to express my little dreams and fantasies.
I can give them substance and make them available to others.

My Portfolio

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About me

Born in 1965 I came to the hobby relatively late, when my nephew started to collect Warhammer 40K.
I didn't quite like the design of the vehicles, so I first kitbashed some old model tanks, and then quickly got into scratch building tanks.
The next logical step for me was to build scenes around those vehicles, so I started to build whole dioramas. Painting these is also a lot of my passion. Trying new things like light and fire effects is always fun to explore.
Since about 2 years I'm also into figure sculpting, using traditional water clay as well as polymer clays.
I'm married, no children, and currently a 17 year old cat :)

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My Personal Website

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