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El equilibrio entre la parte derecha e izquierda no termina de cumplir el golden ratio, lo cual no permite obtener la máxima belleza que pudiese tener esa estructura. Si observas, la región derecha e izquierda son muy dispares, no son simétricas pero no consiguen integrarse a la perfección. La elección y cuidado del plantado es excelente, sin duda lo mejor del montaje.
Juan Puchades
Very good job ! But i think if the top of rocks are different size, your work will be better. Congrats.
Greg Charlet
The texture of the rocks is very interesting, inviting the viewer to explore the creation. also I like the accurate use of plants making the illusion very convincing. One thing that bother me is there is no unity between the left rock and the right rock, so they do not create a synergy but on the other way around - compete between each other, also if the rock height was different then the use of space would be improved and a more interesting creation. still a big enjoyment and pleasure to look at this it give a very good feeling.
Alon Shem tov
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Sundown Small Sundown Small 2
Size(LWH): 12cm x 6cm x 8 cm
A Sunday Morning Work
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